What is the internet? Advantages and Disadvantages of the internet? 2021

What is the internet:- Internet that almost everyone uses. In today’s time internet has become an important part of our life, and our life is not possible without the internet.

As I mentioned, almost everyone uses the Internet. But there are many people who still do not know what the Internet is.

What is the internet

The Internet is such a network of networks. Which keeps all the computers present in the country and the world connected together.

With which we are able to exchange data from one computer to another with great ease. the perfect example of this is Whatsapp-mail, Facebook, etc. Internet is made up of two words.

Inter and net in which Inter means. interconnect. Whereas Net means net.

Simply put. So the Internet is such a network of networks. Which keeps all the computers, mobiles, etc. connected together. And the Internet connects all these things through routers or servers.

When two or more computers are connected together, it is called a network. And when small networks connect with each other. So it is called the internet.

Internet start in India

Internet in India was started by DOE whose full form, electronics department it happens.
He established the Educational Research Network with the help of the Government of India.

Now you know what the Internet is, and who started the Internet in India. Now I will tell you about its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of internet

I think all of you know that if all the things in this world have their advantages, then they will also have their disadvantages.

Be it internet or mobile phone. Whether it is a person or any personal thing of yours.

If they have benefits. So there will definitely be losses. Well, today I will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of the internet.

advantages of internet

1. Entertainment

Yes, guys, you read it right. In today’s time, almost all the people of this world use the internet for entertainment.

Everything is available for entertainment on the Internet. Like movies, songs, games, etc. How many people use the Internet. Most of them use the internet for entertainment only.

There are many sites for entertainment on the internet. who entertain you. like youtubehandjob Facebookhandjob Hotstarhandjob mx player And so on.

2.Internet conversation.

Today almost everyone in the world uses the Internet to communicate. Internet is considered to be a network of networks.

We can talk to all the people of the world through this network of networks. If it is connected to the Internet.

If it is connected to the Internet. So it doesn’t matter in which corner of the world he is. We can talk to him easily.

We use many methods to communicate through the Internet. For such as video calls, audio calls, messages etc., the most famous website and app on the Internet, WhatsApp (WhatsApp) is considered.

3. To study.

In today’s time, students are being taught through online classes through the Internet in almost all countries of the world. Internet is playing a huge role in the field of online classes.

In today’s time due to Coronavirus, there is a lockdown in many countries. Due to this all the sources of education like schools, colleges, coaching centers, etc. have been closed.

Due to which all the students are studying at home through online classes. Online class runs through video call. Apart from this, many other teachers make short videos.

In which he told about some subjects. They upload that video to the internet. So that the student can read and understand by watching that video.

5.Business Advertisement.

I think you guys know how people promote their business or product online through the internet?

If you don’t know. So I’ll tell you. Where people are today when there was no internet a few years ago. Then people used to promote their business or product etc. by making news magazines and wall paintings. He used to read them dearly too.

But today with the advent of the Internet, people promote their business all over the world. They also have to pay less money.

disadvantages of internet

1.Virus Dangers

In today’s modern world almost everyone uses the internet. When we do some work on the internet. So in such a situation, viruses come to our computer or mobile phone through the Internet.

These viruses delete or destroy the most important information present in our device. In this way, viruses damage our important information.

2. Theft of personal information.

In today’s time, there are many such companies present on the Internet, who do fraud. He takes such people into his trap. Those who do not know about these frauds of the Internet.

These companies present on the Internet steal their personal information like email or account numbers etc. by trapping people.

3.Waste of Time

Nowadays people use the Internet a lot. Many of these people watch or play entertainment things like videos, songs, games, etc. on the Internet excessively.

Those people get so busy with all these things. Due to which they do not know the time how quickly the time has run out. And his whole day just gets wasted.

4. Waste of Mobile Data

As I told you people are wasting time on the internet. But they are not only wasting time. Rather they are wasting mobile data along with time.

Although mobile data is available cheap in India as compared to abroad. That’s why people are wasting time along with mobile data.

At the end

Today we learned about an important thing. We know what is the Internet, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet?

How much time do we use the internet every day? We ourselves do not even know this. Today, when you have come to know about the disadvantages of the Internet, then from now on you should use the Internet as much as it is necessary.

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