Kisi Bhi Phone Me Whatsapp Kaise Chalaye Full Information 2021 Best trick

how to run whatsapp in any mobile Do you have an old Android phone in which you want to run Whatsapp, then there is no need to worry because the website is in Hindi post. Kisi Bhi Phone Me Whatsapp Kaise Chalaye has been told about

As you know Whatsapp keeps updating its features from time to time. So that WhatsApp user can easily get all the facilities given in the app.


If you have a good phone, then the current updated version will run smoothly, while if you have a problem with the old phone, then you can use the Old Whatsapp Apk. The old version’s app also runs because this type of app is not loaded on mobile with less Mb.

Kisi Bhi Phone Me Whatsapp Kaise Chalaye Play old version whatsapp like this?

To run Whatsapp Apk of old version, go to website. There is an option to download the old version of many popular Android apps from here. (read also Full Information About 10 Entertainment App |)

step 1

To run Kisi Bhi Phone Me Whatsapp Apkmirror.Com Go to and search by typing Whatsapp in the search box.


Step 2

After searching by typing Whatsapp in the box, many versions of Whatsapp Messenger and Whatsapp Business App will appear. You can download Whatsapp Apk of any year as per your choice.

of older version Whatsapp APK Dpwnload To download click on the button.

whatsapp business app

Step 3

On this page you will see all the details along with the version of the app. You can download and install Apk as per your wish. To proceed, click on the download button below See Available Downloads. (read also Check West Bengal Examination Result like this.)


Step 4

Now the Apk option will appear in front of you in the new tab. Here the details about Apk are given. Click on Download Apk to download and install WhatsApp file. Now you can save anywhere as per your choice.


Benefits of Downloading Old Version Whatsapp |

As you know, after updating WhatsApp, many features are available in the app, but if you have an old model phone and there is a problem in using WhatsApp of the new version, then you can use WhatsApp of the old version.

old version “Whatsapp App” After downloading, you can easily install in old phone.

If you do not like the new version’s app, then you can install the old version’s Apk.

Downloading Apk of Whatsapp is very easy. Download and Install Apk for free from Apkmirror.Com.

Compare between old whatsapp and new whatsapp whatsapp app is of less Mb.


How to run WhatsApp in any mobile in Websitehindi.Com’s article? Details have been shared about It is also mentioned in the post that Kisi Bhi Phone Me Whatsapp Kaise Chalaye What are the advantages of running

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