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Maharishi Ved Vyas To know full information about the website in Hindi, read the article in Hindi because Maharishi Ved Vyas has been shown in this article. It has also been told in the article that who was Maharishi Ved Vyas?

There are many such people around us who do not know about Ved Vyas ji. For information, let me tell you that the name of Ved Vyas ji is very popular in Hinduism. As we know, Guru Purnima is celebrated with great pomp as the birth anniversary.

Who was Maharishi Ved Vyas? (maharshi ved vyas)

Maharishi Ved Vyas was the guru of the Gurus. Maharishi Ved Vyas ji was born on the full moon day of the month of Ashadha, that’s why his birthday is celebrated on the full moon day. As the world knows, Maharishi Ved Vyas ji is the author of 18 Puranas.

The most important thing is that Mahabharata was composed by Maharishi vedvyas ji, hence Maharishi is also called the Guru of Gurus.

Story of Guru Purnima (Information)

Maharishi in about 3000 BC Veda Vyasa was born on the full moon day of Ashadha. According to the same day, every year Shukla Purnima of Ashadh is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Maharishi Ved Vyas.

Maharishi Ved Vyas ji was the author of the Upanishads and Puranas, due to which the entire human race considers him as a guru. In this way the idol of maharshi ved vyas ji is worshipped.

Relationship of Maharishi Parashar and Satyavati (story)

According to the mythology present in the world, Maharishi Parashar had gone out for a tour in ancient times. While visiting Maharishi, he saw a beautiful woman, whose name was Satyavati. (read also What is Indrapuri Dam? and where is it located. full details)

Satyavati, the fisherman’s daughter was very attractive and beautiful. Due to which his mind got distracted on Satyavati. But the main reason was that Satyavati’s body smelled like fish. This is the reason why Satyavati came to be called Matsyagandha. After this the sage got distracted and said that I wish to give you children. After this Satyavati raised many questions.

He said how to make such an immoral relationship. I cannot give birth to a child under any circumstances. After this it was said by Parashara Rishi that the child given by me will be divine and it will do the greatest work for this creation.

On hearing this, Satyavati placed three conditions with Parashara Rishi which are as follows. He had to accept the condition imposed by Satyavati.

Satyavati made the first condition to Parashara Rishi that no one should see him while having sex.

After this Satyavati made another condition that her virginity should not be disturbed.

Satyavati asked for the third condition that the smell of fish should come out of her body and the fragrance of flowers should be felt at the same place.

After this Parashara sage agreed to the condition and as soon as he said the thing, Matsygandha became fragrant.

At the end of some time, Satyavati gave birth to a son. This child was named Krishna Dwaipayana. Later people started knowing them by the name of Ved Vyas. You can say that Ved Vyas ji is the author of Mahabharata.


In the post of Websitehindi.com, complete information about Maharishi Ved Vyas has been told in Hindi. A YouTube video has also been posted in websiteHindi’s post. Seeing which you can know about vedvyas ji very well.

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