Indrapuri Dam क्या है? और कहाँ पर स्थित है| फुल जानकारी हिंदी में |

Where is Indrapuri Dam located? To know about Indrapuri Dam, read the complete post of website Hindi because information related to Indrapuri Dam has been shared in this post. Live Video of Indrapuri Dam is also uploaded at the end of this article.

The river where the Indrapuri dam is located is called Sone river. The water of Son river is used as irrigation. A huge system has been made to irrigate the banks of Indrapuri Son river.

Indrapuri Dam

The canal has been constructed from the right bank of the river. A barrage has been constructed up to 8 kilometers above the river, due to which it is known as the very famous palace. That’s why we can say that Indrapuri Dam is a palace worth seeing.

What is Indrapuri Dam? and where is it located.

Indrapuri Dam is also known as Indrapuri Dam. Indrapuri Dam is built over the Son river. Talking about this palace, it has been built in Indrapuri located in Rohtas district of Bihar state. (read also How to Update Email Id in Novopay Aeps Account?)

The Son river originates from the hills of Bihar and Jharkhand and joins the Ganges river through Indrapuri towards Patna. The length of Indrapuri Barrage is 1407 meters (4616 feet). You can say that this is the fourth longest barrage in the world.


This barrage was built by HCC Company. The canals that come out from here help the farmers a lot in farming. The view here looks very attractive, that’s why people come to see from far and wide.

Features of Indrapuri Dam

indrapuri barrage After being constructed in 1960, it was commissioned after 7 years in 1968. Talking about the length of Indrapuri Dam, then let me tell you that this barrage was constructed by HCC Company which has constructed the longest 2253 meter Farakka Barrage.

indrapuri bandh

Many fish are found in this river. When the water recedes, many fishermen come to catch fish by nets. A park is also being constructed here so that the visitors can rest for some time.

As soon as you go near Indrapuri Dam, there is a notice board, by reading which you can know about the characteristics of the dam. which is like this. (read also How to get job in Post Office)

How to visit Indrapuri Dam?

If you want to see Indrapuri Dam, then first you have to come to Dehri On-Sone Railway Station or Bus Stand in Bihar. Dehri On Sone is one of the big cities which is very close to Indrapuri Dam.

From Dehri on Sone one has to go East from Indrapuri Police Station by Bus, Tempu, Bike. This road goes directly to Indrapuri Dam.


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