How to sell goods online? Complete information on selling goods online

Do you run your own online business? Or you do the work of selling any goods online.

If you sell any kind of your goods online, then you will definitely face trouble in selling your goods.

If you are thinking of selling any kind of goods online, then let us give you all that information in this post. With the help of which you can sell goods online.

While starting an online business, you may feel that you can sell any item online very easily. But it doesn’t actually happen.

Whether selling goods online or selling goods offline, the art of selling goods should be learned in both.

Complete information on selling goods online

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ways to sell goods online

There are two main ways to sell goods online. The first way is to sell your goods on your own website. Another way to sell goods on an e-commerce website.

There are two main ways or platforms with the help of which you can sell your goods online. Let us now understand this better.

How to sell goods online on E-commerce platform

Let us now first know how to sell your goods on e-commerce website. E-commerce websites such as amazon, flipkart, etc.

Create merchant account on e-commerce website

To sell your goods online with the help of e-commerce website, you must first connect to the e-commerce website.


To join an e-commerce website, you have to create a merchant account on that e-commerce website.

It is very easy to create your merchant account on an e-commerce website. To create a merchant account, you must have an email-id and a mobile number.

upload required information

Every e-commerce website is very much the same. But there is some difference in every e-commerce website.

When you register on an e-commerce website, you will have to give some important information to that company. Like your company name, product type, etc.

Upload the product to the E-commerce website

After registering on the e-commerce website, you will have to upload the information of each of your products on that e-commerce website.

Product information such as product image, product price, product warranty, product delivery information, along with this you have to write a good title and description for your product.

Optimize Listing

Uploading your product on any e-commerce website is not everything to sell online. Even after uploading your product on an e-commerce website, a lot of work goes on. Then the product starts selling.

After uploading your goods on amazon or any other e-commerce website, you have to optimize the listing of your goods.

So that whenever someone searches your product in that e-commerce website, then your product will appear at the top. The more your product is visible, the more your product will sell.

For example, if someone searches for t-shirt on amazon, then your t-shirt should appear at the top, you have to optimize your listing to be seen at the top.


answer questions

To sell your goods on the e-commerce website, you also have to answer many types of questions.

After seeing a product on the e-commerce website, many customers also ask for the information related to that product. Which you have to answer as soon as possible.

Receive orders and deliver

After optimizing the listing of your e-commerce website, you will start getting orders. Whenever someone orders your product from that e-commerce website, you will get notification.

After that you have to deliver that product of yours. There are also two ways of delivery, the first is to deliver or get it done yourself. Another way is to use the delivery network of the e-commerce website.

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How to sell goods from your own website

Let us now know that if you want to sell goods online from your own website, then how can you sell your goods.

select platform

To sell goods from your website, you have to create a website of your own. To create your website, first of all, you should choose a good platform.

There are some good platforms to sell goods online like, Shopifyhandjob wordpress.orghandjob bigcommerce, e.t.c.

You can choose any of these platforms. The setting of each one is very different from the other. Therefore, you should choose a platform only after thinking and knowing well.

create your website

When you choose any one platform to build your website, then you start building your website with the help of that platform.


Let us tell you that you can create a website without any coding using any platform. Same if you know coding, then you can also make your website with your coding.

Customize Website

Creating a website is not everything, after creating a website, that website will have to make many changes. This change has to be done according to the user and the search engine.

You customize your website according to your user. You should make your website so easy for the user that the user will find your website very easy and good. You should also pay close attention to the speed of your website.

Upload the product to the website

After creating and customizing the website, you should upload your product on your website. You upload the price of your product, photo of the product, and necessary information on your website.

You must also give complete information about the product on your website.

add payment method

A question must be coming in your mind that how will you get payment from your website? For this you have to use payment method.

There are many such payment method which is very easy to use. It just has to be linked to your website once. After that, it automatically does the whole work of taking payment.

payment method like, razorpayhandjob pyuhandjob instamojo, e.t.c.

join live chat support

To sell goods from your website, you also need to support your customer. For this you can use the live chat support system.

With the live chat support system, you can chat with each of your customers and help them and sell your goods. Live chat support just needs to be added to the website once.


There are some free live chat support websites like,

Use advertising and gain customer trust

Many times it also happens that even after creating a website, goods are not sold from the website. There are many reasons for this, but there are two main reasons. First no advertising and another failure to gain customer trust.

Many times the website does not sell even after using advertisements. The reason for this is the trust of the customer. You have to use advertising properly to gain the trust of your customers.

When you show your ad to the right people in the right way, you will also be able to gain the trust of your customer and will also be able to sell goods online from your website.

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At the end

Whether to sell goods online or sell goods in some other way. Selling goods is an art, the art of which not everyone is able to learn.

Let us tell you that before learning to sell goods online, you have to learn to sell goods. You have to think like a buyer. Only then will you be able to sell the goods.

You sell only the goods online which are good and in which you have full confidence. Do not try to sell any useless goods in the pursuit of high profits.

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