How to control your anger?

how to control your anger : Do you get angry on talk, have you spoiled your career by getting angry, if you want to control anger then read the article of Websitehindi.Com.

Every day people keep getting angry over talk, due to which relatives and friends all get angry. A little anger makes a man hell. Anger is like an addiction which is very difficult to give up. If every relationship is getting worse because of you, then it is very important to be alert.

control anger

What do people not do to cure anger? Let us know important tips about “How To Control Anger In Hindi” in Hindi.

How to control your anger.

too much for a boy Anger He used to come and his anger started doing a lot of damage. One day his father gave him a bag full of kilos, and he said that whenever you get angry, hammer one of these into the wooden cob outside the house. (read also Complete information about Maharishi Ved Vyas)

The boy did the same and on the very first day he hammered 30 forts into the cob made of wood. In this way, whenever he was angry, he would hit the stick in the wood. Similarly, the keel started decreasing in the wood. That is, as much as he used to hit earlier, he reduced the hitting. He started to understand how hard it is to hit the kill and he started controlling the anger. Kills are gone and they will have less anger.

After this, he told his father, then his father advised that the day he did not get angry, he should bring out the hammer every day. In this way, every day by removing the keel from the wood, all the keels came back.

After this, his father took him by the hand and took him to the wood and said that the hole of the kill you had hit is still there. Similarly bitter words never come back after uttering them. The wound given to any person does not heal even by apologizing, so one should never speak in anger.

After that the boy understood. If you apologize after saying good or bad to someone, but his attitude towards you will not be right.

10 essential tips to control your anger

how to control anger

how to control your anger

(1.) After getting angry, remember that moment in your life when you have done something good, this will help you to control the anger.

(2.) Exercise should be done immediately when you are angry, this will keep your attention away from anger.

(3.) Learn to listen before getting angry at someone. Listening to the other person should understand what the next person is saying.

(4.) When you are angry, you should listen to Motivational Videos, Quotes and Stories, this will give peace to your mind.

(5.) Take long breaths when you are angry, this will remove the nervousness in your body.

(6.) Before speaking anywhere – anytime you should think about what you are saying.

(7.) If you get angry on a person, then you should immediately move away from there, this will save you from getting angry on anyone.

(8.) If you consume any intoxicant, then let me tell you that you should stay away from intoxicating food items. Tobacco, cigarette, drinking alcohol, along with becoming angry, also has a lot of bad effects on health.

(9.) If you are thinking about “how to control anger”, then let me tell you that you should always think about positive things. You should stay away from negative things as much as possible, if you do this, then understand that your anger will be reduced to some extent.

(10.) If you feel that you are more angry then do meditation. Meditation will calm your anger to some extent.

In this way any person can easily reduce anger. Apart from this, you should always think about the good of others. If you do this then your confidence will increase.


In this article of  details about how to control anger have been shared. Here are 10 simple tips to help you control your anger.

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