Complete information about social media, what is social media

Friends, in today’s time technology has become very advanced, now is not the time that if someone wants to speak his mind, then he has to wait for a long time.

Today we are living in the era of 21st century, where social media is at a new level. It takes a few seconds to convey your point to someone or say it publicly. Whatever has to be said and directly reaches that person.

There will be very few people who do not use social media or do not know about social media. Today we are talking about social media like facebook, whatsapp, twitter, instagram, linkedin, snapchat, skype and telegram etc.

After all, what is this social media, how many types are there, so let’s know about social media.

Complete information about social media

Social media is a platform, this platform works to connect many people with each other. On this platform people talk to each other, share their daily routine, share their information with many people. People share more photos, videos, etc. on social media.

Examples of social media: Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Skype, telegram etc.

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In fact, if we look at social media, it is very huge in today’s time because new scales are being added to social media, different types of social applications are coming, but there are two types of social media-

  1. internal social media (ISN)
  2. External Social Media (ESN)

ISM is a type of social media part, which is a private community networking, as well as it requires private internet.

It can be used by only those people who would have received the invitation, because the privacy policy is taken care of in ISM. Under this there is social media of education, workshop, secret forums, and training workshop etc.


ESM is an open social network system, which is used by more people. In today’s time many people use ESM.

It works under the public community, you can post any type in it. You can keep your point till the public, just keep in mind that no one gets hurt through the post.

ESM user is more. He shares his photographs, videos, blogging articles etc. for the public. There is no traffic problem in this. You can create countless followers in this social media.

Examples of this are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. In which you can easily see and read anyone’s post by following it.

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use of social media

Currently there are different types of social media. It can be used in different ways. Currently, the level of social media is increasing. Let us also know about the use of social media.

stay connected with someone you know

If we talk about the use of social media, then every social media is used to talk to the person who knows.

It is a lot of fun to talk to someone you know on social media. On social media, people talk more through text, images, etc.

to make new friends

Many people also use social media to make new friends. Many people are connected with social media. These people do not know each other. But with the help of social media, they also become friends of each other.

share your information with people

Do you know that social media is also used to share information.


By the way, information is shared on every single social media. But there is a social media named YouTube. Many people share good information on this. Which benefits many other people in many ways.

to identify

Social media is also used to make one’s identity. Many people make their identity through the use of social media. He is recognized all over the world.

to advertise

Do you know that the company uses social media to make its identity.

Very few people know that many companies do marketing on social media to sell their goods. Which is called social media marketing. The company increases the income of its company manifold by doing social media marketing.

to make people aware

The government uses social media to make people aware. With the help of social media, the government transmits the right information to the right people at the right time. This information is meant to help people only.

At the end

Today you know what is social media, how does social media work? Along with this, we also learned that what is the use of social media?

People use social media a lot. But just as there are advantages of social media, in the same way there are also disadvantages of social media.

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