Advantages, disadvantages, importance and forms of money in Hindi

In today’s time, one who has money, he can lead a respectable life in the society. With the help of money, your children can be wished for their bright future by getting them educated in a good school.

Patients and sick people can easily get their treatment done in good and big hospitals with the help of this money.

Nowadays, due to wealth, many such worldly pleasures can be enjoyed, which are considered very important for humans today, such as good food, good clothes, mobile, television, fridge, washing machine, motor car etc. .

Nowadays everyone is trying to accumulate wealth. For which people are using moral and immoral methods, which is a serious matter for the society.

Due to which there is always the desire to disturb the balance created in the society. In today’s time of inflation, money is needed for everything from food to school admission.

The effect of having or not having money can also be clearly seen on your social and personal life.

Advantages, disadvantages and importance of money

If you are not rich, then the same people look at you with insignificance and neglect. If you are short of money, then you are able to achieve even your basic desires with great difficulty and your valuable time is spent in fulfilling them.

Money is considered a very essential Vastu in life although it cannot buy things like time, love, care.

Due to lack of money, family discord can also be seen in many families nowadays, which has a very bad effect on their professional life. Very often this effect can also lead to the end of married life.

In today’s society, a person is considered worthy of respect only when he has money, otherwise today’s society looks at the poor people with neglect.


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Advantages of Money

attainment of material pleasures

As we know very well, in today’s time no person can even imagine his life without money. To buy any small or big thing, it is necessary for a person to have money.

To enjoy material pleasures in this world, man needs money, otherwise a person cannot enjoy worldly pleasures.

With the help of money, material happiness like good clothes, good housing, nutritious food, basic things to live life, higher education etc. can be achieved.

dignified life

In today’s society, every person is aspiring to get respect, everyone craves to get respect in the eyes of other person, but in today’s frustrated society, only that person is considered to be worthy of respect, who has wealth and prosperity.

A person who lacks money is not considered poor and worthy of respect in the society nowadays.

security experience

In today’s environment people are not able to feel safe, mainly due to crime and corruption. Simply put, money is the main reason which is giving rise to crime and corruption.

A person who has abundant wealth can provide means of security for himself with the help of money. From this point of view, money is very useful.

Disadvantages of Money – Disadvantages of Money

As we have told about the benefits of money in this post above, now we will discuss in detail about the disadvantages of money.

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Cause of social and family discord

The way money makes people feel happy, on the other hand, it also ruins the social and family happiness of the people.

In a country like India, it has been seen many times that if there is a financial crisis in a house, then that family discord increases a lot.

The effect of which is clearly seen on family and married life. Due to lack of money, social and family discord is increasing day by day.

cause of exploitation

In today’s time, exploitation can be said to be a very serious issue of the society, which can have many reasons, but money is one of the main reasons for exploitation.

On the basis of which the strong and rich can exploit the weak and poor person in many ways, in our society the mentality of being exploited on the basis of money has been going on for many years.

Looking back in history, in the olden times, big landlords used to exploit the weaker and poorer people than themselves.

cause of corruption

Nowadays every person is ready to adopt a green type of method to earn money, for this he also forgets whether the money he is collecting is moral or immoral. Due to which corruption and crime are born,

cause of crime

Today our country and the whole world is facing the problem of crime due to which there can be many reasons. In which money increases crime and incites people of criminal tendency to commit crimes.

Nowadays the crime rate has increased very much in the world, any criminal is easily carrying out serious crimes like murder, robbery, theft, dacoity, kidnapping for a few thousand rupees. Due to which crime and corruption is spreading very fast in the country.

Forms of Money

There are different forms of money in our country and in other countries, some of the main types are given below.


  1. paper notes and coins
  2. plastic money like ATM
  3. electronic currency (bitcoin) crypto currency
  4. Immovable property like real estate, factories, factories etc.
  5. gold, silver, diamond jewelery
  6. Shares, Bonds, Mutual Funds etc.

Money Limits – Limitations of Money

Just as we can buy and sell many things with money, similarly there are some limitations of money which are as follows.

  1. Money cannot give life to a dead person.
  2. It is only a means of take and give.
  3. With the help of money, no one can get the feeling of love and care.

Importance of Money

In today’s time there will hardly be any person who can deny the importance of money. Just like we need air and food to live. In the same way, money is also important in our life in the same proportion.

In other words, having money is essential to lead a happy life.

self reliance

Wealth is such a thing, after getting which a person can achieve self-reliance very easily, if you become self-reliant then you do not need to ask for any kind of financial help from anyone. You can buy and sell anything you want.

financial relief

After the receipt of money, your financial crisis goes away, even if your income is work, you can still buy your basic daily use items, in such a way you have seen many people who earn a lot of money but do not have a good system. Because of this, they remain immersed in debt.

joy of life

If you have abundant money then you can wish to lead a happy life because through money you have many such means of happiness, by which you can get a happy life.

family happiness

On receipt of money, you give the right to live a happy life to your family and children as well, the effect of which can be clearly visible on your lifestyle, daily work, family environment, children’s mentality.

financial aid

If you have abundant money, then you can help your neighbors, friends, relatives, and acquaintances financially in their times of bad and needy.


In today’s post, we have discussed in detail about the availability of money and its importance in life. We know what are the benefits of money and what are the disadvantages of money. We have tried to know everything about money.

We hope that you will like this post of ours and you will remain like this with us in future also.


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