Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones and ways to avoid them in Hindi

Earth is the only planet in our solar system where millions of creatures live. One of them is also a human being, which is considered to be the most intelligent creature on earth.

Humans have made countless inventions in 50 to 60 years. One such invention is the mobile phone. The world’s first mobile phone was manufactured on 3 April 1973. Martin Cooper An American engineer named

Since then, mobile phones have become an important part of human life. This mobile phone has as many advantages as it has disadvantages.

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8 benefits of mobile phone

Benefits of mobile phone

Well, there are many benefits of using a mobile phone. We are going to tell you some of those benefits.

1. Helpful in communicating with people.

Yes, a few years ago, letters were used to communicate from person to person. The same today we can talk from one person to another immediately through mobile phone. Even if it is in any corner of the world.

2. Helpful in storing a lot of data.

Today we can carry a lot of data like photos, videos, e-books, songs etc. with us through mobile phones. We can store many things in this small mobile. Which was difficult to store in earlier times.

3. Helpful in shooting photos and videos.

Where some time ago we used to depend on the camera for photos and videos.

The same today we can shoot photos and videos instantly through mobile phones. Anywhere and anytime. We can shoot good photos even in night time.

4. Helpful in acquiring information.

In today’s time, we can earn as much information from the Internet as we want through smartphones. The most popular search engine for this is Google (Google) is considered the same.


We can get a lot of information through Google with just a few clicks.

5. Helpful in getting a job.

In today’s time, mobile phones are providing a lot of work to the people. When big companies need employees, they find their employees through mobile phones.

A job seeker from a mobile phone uploads his/her profile on the job placement website and the company contacts that person.

6. Good business tool.

We can do business through mobile phone. We can buy or sell any type of goods. Not only this, but with the help of this, we can connect with the employees of our company through video call and tell them all the information related to the work.

So that they could do their work well.

7. Help in emergency.

Imagine that you have gone out of your house for some work and you have lost your way by going somewhere far away from home, then who will help you?

It’s a mobile phone only. There can be many types of emergencies or you may need the phone in many places.

Such as at the time of accident, while wandering, in case of fever, when a doctor is needed, etc. Having all these things, you may need a mobile phone.

8. In the matter of safety of the people.

In today’s time crimes are happening in almost all the countries. To stop this, the police are punishing criminals by tracking their mobile phones through GPS.

Not only the police but the army guarding the country also tracks the phones of the terrorists who have entered the country and catches them.


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6 disadvantages of mobile phone

mobile phone damage
mobile phone damage

Just as there are countless advantages of mobile phones, in the same way there are also some disadvantages of mobiles. Which you must know. Let us also know the disadvantages of mobile.

1. Cause of accident.

Nowadays people use mobile phones while driving a car or bike. Conversation via voice call.

Not knowing that using a mobile phone while driving can lead to an accident. In India, many accidents happen due to the use of mobile phones.

The use of mobile phones while driving is a major cause of accidents.

2. Bad effect on human health.

I think all of you will know that the radiation emitted from mobile phones affects our body and health.

According to the research of scientists, many types of diseases are caused by the radiation emitted from mobile phones. Such as brain tumor, loss of system capabilities, sleep deprivation, blood cancer in children, anxiety etc.

3. Loss of time.

There are many people in this world who waste all their time on mobile phones. Such as by playing games and using social media platforms more. But some people use it for the right things.

If you use it for the right purposes. So fine but if you play games like that. So you are wasting your time and nothing else.

4. Heating of mobile phone.

Many times the mobile phone becomes hot due to using the mobile phone for a long time. Do you think what will happen if the phone gets hot?


But let me tell you that the mobile phone causes more damage to your body due to heating, this increases the number of free radicals in the electromagnetic field.

5. There is a serious effect on the bones.

Yes, friends, you read it right, now you will be shocked to hear from what I am going to tell you. If you keep your mobile phone in your pocket. So your bones can get damaged.

If you keep it in your pocket, then the effect of its electromagnetic ray falls on our bones. Due to which the minerals and liquid present in them can be eliminated.

6. Pregnant women should not use mobile phones.

By now you have read about many disadvantages of mobile phones. Some of this harm also falls on pregnant women.

Pregnant women should limit its use. Because it affects the baby present in the womb.

ways to avoid mobile

I have already told you about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. Now I will tell you how to avoid the loss of mobile phone.

1. Do not keep the mobile near you while sleeping. Many people keep their mobile phone under their pillow when they sleep. But it should not be done. By doing this you can become a victim of serious diseases.

2. Do not put the mobile phone in vibrate mode, by doing this the radiation that comes out of it. It can cause many diseases. like tumors etc.

3. Do not use the mobile phone so much that the mobile phone becomes hot. If it gets hot So keep the mobile phone to cool down as soon as possible. Now do not use the phone so much that it can get hot.

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At the end

Today we have learned about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones here. In today’s time, the one that stays with us the most is the mobile phone.

This mobile phone has many advantages but there are also some disadvantages. This loss increases when we use mobile more. From now on while using mobile you must also think about the disadvantages of mobile.

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